Wrapping your mind around a radical change in perspective

Nearly ten years ago, I began listening to Bob Proctor. One of the things he kept saying was – imagine turning your annual income into your monthly income.

What? I couldn’t quite wrap my brain around the idea. But, then I really thought about it. When I first started working part time in High School, my annual income worked out to about $2000 (give or take a few bucks). By the time I left college (a long time ago), that annual income became a monthly income. And I hadn’t even realized it. I never looked at it that way.

While I haven’t yet turned that first annual income into a monthly income, over the years, I have more than quadrupled the income. So, I am almost half-way there. Now I am on a real push to get there (since I have brought it to the top of my mind).

Shifts your thinking, doesn’t it?

I was talking with a colleague yesterday. And again, we were working on shifting the thinking and perspective. There is a difference when a Realtor thinks like a Realtor, and when he thinks like an Investor. Different approaches, sometimes the same set of actions, but very different thinking. A Realtor might be thinking about the commission on a sale, while an Investor is thinking about the return on an investment.

And yet another group was working on shifting from an office-based culture to a virtual environment – with a corresponding shift from thinking 9 to 5 workday to focusing on the results produced (independent of the time). Which brought up how often contracts and grants are written with the finances calculated based on how much time something might take to produce – rather than the value of the deliverable.

I speak with entrepreneurs all the time who tend to undervalue their expertise, because they are stuck thinking about how long (or short) an amount of time a particular task takes. Or they are thinking about how easy it will be for them to get done. They are not taking into account the time they spent learning what they do so well. Or, if what they do well comes “naturally” – then they tend to think it isn’t really valuable to others.

I know I worked myself out of 3 positions before I realized that what is so obvious to me isn’t obvious to others, and the skill set I developed to deal with what is so obvious to me is really, really valuable to my clients.

Is my time worth hundreds or thousands of dollars per hour? Not really. But the results my clients produce are worth far more than that to them.

Where do you need to change your perspective?

Because, really, without a life, what’s the point?


  1. Terry,
    ‘Turning my annual income into my monthly income’…I have never heard that before, but I can tell you…I have immediately added that to my thought processes. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
    Dr. Robert Fenell

  2. Kiyla Fenell says:

    Thank you Terry for this great post. After reading this I have a lot to think about and wrap my mind around:) I appreciate your challenge to think differently and to expand our perspective on what could be.

  3. I love this idea of turning my annual income into my monthly income. Just reading those words gives me a buzz of excitement!

    Thanks for posing the question : where do I need to change my perspective?

    The first thing that comes to me is changing my perspective around what I believe I would have to DO to make my annual income into my monthly income and instead shift that to WHO DO I NEED TO BE?!

  4. How great you discovered Bob Proctor’s teachings so early on!! He ROCKS! It is all about perspective. Thought first, manifestation follows… Now that it has “top of mind status,” I am really excited to watch what happens next for you!! ♥Katherine.

  5. P.S. Don’t you wish they taught us this stuff back at ole G.U.?? ♥

  6. I love Bob Proctor! He has some great ideas and I love the one you mentioned!

  7. Jenny Fenig says:

    Thanks for the mindset shift, Terry! Important to remember that ANYTHING is possible when we believe in our unique gifts.

  8. Ellen Martin says:

    Hi Terry,

    I love your observations about pay. I never thought about it in that way either. Shifting perspective is one of the great lessons I learned from Bob Proctor as well. Looking at an issue from several points of view helps to generate solutions that may never have occurred to you.

    Thanks so much for sharing!


  9. Terri Cook says:

    OMG lol I never really thought about that but yes have done it!!! Thanks Terry – Joy & Blessings


  10. Trudy says:

    Terry – I too love the idea of turning my annual income into my monthly income – what a wonderful thought to wrap my brain around. It feels very empowering!

  11. Terry, I recall Bob saying those words and I’m so grateful for your reminder! And my perspective on what I have to offer is in the process of changing as soon as I read your post. Time I really believed the great testimonials I receive from clients!

  12. Mitch says:

    Glad you bring this up in your post. The way you think about yourself and yourself worth is who you become.

  13. ofyl says:

    Thanks for all the great comments! I have to admit, I am always looking at how I can shift my perspective. And it always produces something amazing!

  14. Bob Proctor is an amazing source of inspiration. During the days of working for somebody else, this was impossible but since I started in the MLM industry I have personally seen this happen. Thanks for the inspiration Terry 🙂

  15. Phil Dyer says:

    Terry – I remember the first time I heard this concept of turning your annual income into your monthly income – from Kendall Summerhawk, I think, and it literally took my breath away (the number was pretty big). But it is merely a mind shift.

    When I was younger, I never would have dreamed of having the income level I have now and I have definitely made this happen several times in my adult life. Just accepting that this type of transformation is possible is the first step on the road to success.

    Thanks for this very important reminder!


  16. Terry — I have never heard this before. What a great inspiration! It is a mindset shift, but one I am going to happily embrace!
    Thanks for sharing this!