What do you do with a snow day?

You have made your plans, set up your calendar, set your sights on the goal, and you are ready to GO!

Then, it snows, your kids get sick, you get sick, there’s an accident tying up traffic on the highway, the dog eats your report and the computer dies.

What do you do?

Do you react? Or, do you respond?

Well, it might depend on how thorough your planning has been. Did you take the time to brainstorm all the possible courses of action? Did you look at what the most likely road blocks could be? Have you thought through how you are going to deal with the breakdown that will always happen?

Or, did you map out your route and set off on your way without thinking about any kind of disaster planning?

If the former – then most likely you will have already figured out your response to the weather, traffic, ill health, or any other breakdown you can think of. And you will be confidently moving along the alternate route – correcting and adjusting as you go.

If the latter – you are going to react! And your first reaction is going to be that this is just wrong! This shouldn’t have happened! Your plans are in shambles! YIKES! You might even come to a full stop.

Kids will get sick, pipes will burst, team members will drop the ball, you will get stuck in traffic. Taking a little time and thinking about what could take your plans off course will pay off in the long run.

Life happens! What’s your plan b (c, d, or e)?

Because, really, without a life, what’s the point?


  1. I love this! Such wise advice. It is always good to anticipate road blocks, because they are inevitable. I have found that if you take a deep breath and calm your mind, you will find the route around that road block, even if you hadn’t planned for it. We had a snow day this week also (well, do delay days) where I had my daughter home when I didn’t plan on it, and it definitely affected my work schedule. Those kinds of unexpected interruptions don’t have to be the source of stress or crisis, especially with a little advanced planning. Great post!

  2. Sue Painter says:

    It’s a good point, always keeping in mind whether one is reacting or responding. You sure do get further with the latter of the two. In business, I often see the difference between those who succeed and those who struggle is this very point. Enjoyed your article!
    Sue Painter

  3. This post is so bottom line, common sense. Life happens, flex and roll with ita and prepare as much as you can just as you have so cleverly put it.
    Sometimes the simplest answers carry the most power.
    Lynn Moore

  4. When life throws a curve ball, what do you do? It is a funny thing to think about. I think sometimes I get so laser focused on what I want that I don’t consider the plan b,c,d,e, and f!

    Your post inspired me to get creative with the path I take to reach my ultimate goal, even if it is not a straight line

  5. What great advice! Curve balls are always going to get thrown at us one way or another. I was launching a new e-book on Facebook Tips and created multiple videos last week and that Friday Facebook changed their entire design. My days old videos were already out-dated. I should have taken that extra step to see if Facebook was changing their design before I did all the work. Who knew! Oh well, I responded and created new videos and my book has started to sell.

  6. This article reminds me of the “victim” vs. “champion” attitude. Where there’s a will there’s a way. The path may not always be straight, and it rarely is, but by taking the champion approach will get you what you want and you’ll be healthier for it! The victim approach will land you as one of my clients :- )

  7. Sharpen that shovel, Hoya! More snow (always) coming!

    Thanks, Terry! ♥

  8. trudy says:

    Yes – always be prepared and you’ll stay cool, calm and collected

  9. Anita says:

    Staying in the moment and letting go of all the “thoughts” of what should be! I often go back to the basics and just become aware of “breathing” and grateful for whatever is! Good reading! Thanks….send some of that snow to Georgia, we could use a little snow!


  10. Great, ADvice Terry! It is amazing how much of the world is in “reaction” mode – when all it takes is a little bit of planning to make sure tings go smoothly!

  11. Pinky says:

    What a lovely analogy Terry! I have been wondering today whether challenges are put in the way to prove resolve or if sometimes impediments suggest the wrong path> I have been reminding myself that ‘surrender’ doesn’t mean ‘giving in’ – Thankyou for your wonderful wisdom.

  12. Phil Dyer says:

    It is amazing what a bit of forethought can do for you! Back in my military days, we had basic guidelines for how we would react in certain situations called SOPs (standard operating procedures). Just having a few of these in your hip pocket to pull out during unexpected situations can be a huge time and sanity saver.

    Thanks for the reminder, Terry!

  13. Lisa Manyon says:

    Looking forward to my next ‘snow day’.

    Great post. Thanks so much.