Your work hours

boundariesDetermine your work  hours, and stick to them!

Every business has office hours (or store hours, if retail). Why don’t you?

Why do you feel it is necessary to work all hours of the day and night?

Why do you think you need to answer your business phone after hours? Or answer your emails at 11pm?

What impact does this have? Impact on you: you have no time off. You are operating as if you are working (or available) 24 hours a day. And you inadvertently train others that you will take their call whenever they call.

No boundaries.

Impact on your business: you are most likely close to overwhelmed and burnt out. What good are you if you are operating at half speed because you are so worn out?

Set your work hours, and stick to them. If you don’t honor them, no one else will!

And if you must check email late at night, either save your responses to the draft folder to be sent the next work day, or schedule them to be sent during business hours.


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