Happy New Year and those pesky resolutions

At the end of the year, I usually rearrange some part of my office. In the process, I create a vision board for the new year, and spend time with a legal pad writing out my goals and roughly planning out my year. (I don’t make resolutions. I plan my accomplishments.)

A funny thing happened the other day. I was sitting at my desk, and a piece of paper on my vision board (on the wall beside my desk) began to flutter in the air from the overhead vent. I looked at the piece of paper – since it had caught my eye. It was the short list of  8 key outcomes for 2008 that I created at the end of 2007. This piece of paper has been in my view all year long. And, like many things that you see everyday – I had stopped really ‘seeing’ it. (Has that ever happened to you?)

Anyway – I turned my head to read the page. It was absolutely fascinating! Of the 8 key outcomes I created last year, 4 have been fully realized, and the other 4 are well underway. Not a single one of them has gone out of existence over the past year!

Full disclosure – I missed my target date for some of them, but never stopped the action.

So, I will be spending New Year’s Day sitting in my very comfortable chair, with my notebook, dreaming up my desired outcomes for 2009. And, like last year, once I have finished creating the outcomes, a copy of them will go on the new vision board, and I will be figuring out exactly how* I am going to get them done.

* OK, I can never figure out exactly how I am going to get them done, but I can figure out the first several steps to take. So I will plan out those steps, and will go from there…

What are you going to accomplish in 2009?