Now is a great time to delegate!

As tight as the economy is, and as scarce as new business can seem to be – now is a great time to delegate those tasks that take up your time and bring in no money!

Here is just one idea.

Since I practice what I preach – I recently boxed up the cards I have collected since my assistant went back to school, and sent them off to a fabulous virtual assistant. Very shortly I received back a spreadsheet with the data on 645 new contacts all entered and checked, ready for uploading to my customer relationship management software. That means 645 more business people I can easily be in regular communication with. That will bring in some bucks! And, quite frankly, my investment for 12 hours of the virtual assistant’s time was less than what I get paid for one hour with a client.

If you are regularly networking (and I bet you are), you probably have at least that many cards cluttering up your office. What good are they doing in stacks on your desk?