If it isn’t scheduled in time, it isn’t happening!


Too often, I think, we approach quite a lot of what we have to do with the thought “I’ll fit that in somewhere.”

How often does that really work? More often than not, I assert, it doesn’t work at all!

We don’t get things done, and then we wonder why?

Everything we have to do takes time to be done.

Why do you suppose we ignore that when we are making our lists?

One of the most interesting processes for managing the day I read about had an exercise where you were instructed to list all the things you were going to do, and put next to each item exactly how long it would take to do the task.

Then, of course, you had to confront the reality of the day and see that, most of the time, you were trying to fit 10 hours of work into a five hour slot.

You can imagine how that goes.

I encourage you to try that out for yourself – see what happens when you actually put only 1 hour of work into that 1 hour slot.

And don’t forget to include driving from point A to point B if the task requires it!

Things might get done from your list, but the chances increase dramatically when you schedule exactly when you are going to do them!



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