Getting (and staying) motivated…

Staying Motivated

A while ago, I was on the phone with a client. Now, here’s what her life was like right then: It was school vacation, so kids were home and running wild (not really, but it felt that way occasionally). Business was slow because everyone was on holiday. Then there was a trip to the emergency room (not her), a hospital stay, a bunch of tests, followed by emergency surgery.

Can you imagine – she was ready to throw in the towel and ask for a do-over.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

As we were talking, she asked me “how do you stay motivated?”

Isn’t that a great question! How DO you stay motivated? Especially when you are in the middle of the cyclone of life?

I told her my secrets to staying motivated (and they aren’t really secrets):

Remember why you are doing what you are doing. When you lose sight of the purpose of your activity it becomes just one more thing on the never ending list of things you have to do.

Take a break. Walk away from what you are doing for a little while. Get some tea, listen to some music, make a call to a friend, find something to make you laugh. The little break will give you more energy to return to your task.

Sometimes you just have to eat the frog. Sometimes you just cannot get motivated at all – in fact you might even be actively avoiding the tasks. The best thing then is to just grit your teeth, and tackle the largest or scariest task facing you. Getting it done will usually restore your motivation.

These are just some of the methods I use (sometimes on a daily or hourly basis) to keep myself moving forward.

What’s your favorite one? Use it!

(c) 2011, Terry Monaghan

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