The ‘perfect’ system

Women discovered a long time ago that ‘one size fits all’ is an incomplete sentence. Fits all what?

Well, I have been running into people who are telling me about the ‘perfect’ system for getting and staying organized and productive. This person teaches this system, that book discusses the other system, and you can buy this other version at your local store. Don’t get me wrong – I am not saying that the systems and approaches aren’t valid and valuable. They clearly work. And for the right person they work quite well.

The problem is – the person they work the best for is the person who designed the system.

The other problem is that I see friends, colleagues and clients buying into the structure completely, and then thinking there is something wrong with them when it doesn’t work as advertised or expected.

Does that mean I think they shouldn’t buy the system? No. But I do think they should give some thought to what part of the system is appealing to them the most.

My own approach is more ‘a la carte’ – I take this part from this system, and that piece from the book, and another bit from something I saw or heard about. I end up with a completely customized system that – you guessed it – works perfectly for me! And I am not afraid to revise and tweak it as I go along.

We don’t have one size fits all people, so why think we have a one size fits all solution?