Email Rules

email walkingThere is this amazing function in most email programs that allows you to set up rules for how your incoming (and sometimes outgoing) email is handled.

You can tell the system to automatically move certain messages into certain folders as soon as it arrives.

For example, all email where you are cc’d can move into a separate folder. Or, email from certain senders (newsletters, for example) can move into a specific folder.

This works well for email you don’t need to see as soon as it arrives. Let’s say you serve on a volunteer board, for example. Emails for board business don’t need to interrupt your normal work day – they could be sorted into a folder to be dealt with at specific times.

Try it out!  Many of the systems also let you run the rule on your inbox to move anything that is already there into another folder.

This will leave you with less in the inbox, and hopefully more time to work.



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