Do you slow down at the end of the year?

Are you one of those people who slows down as the end of the year approaches? Do you keep on going at the same pace as before? Or do you pour on the gas, and go full speed ahead?

I hear people saying ‘it is the end of the year, everyone is already in holiday mode, so there is no point continuing my marketing’.  Really??

In an earlier post I said you get what you focus on. I am focusing on business. I am focusing on how I can make a difference for my clients. I am focusing on what my clients need now.  As a result, I have more business coming in, more business to do this month, and am already scheduling work in January and February. Happy Holidays indeed!

It has been a LONG year, and in many ways a very tough one for many of us (me included). When I look around, what I see got me through was a clear plan, and an absolute refusal to allow the circumstances to dictate my results. My approach may have been modified to dance with the circumstances, but the point is I modified the approach – I didn’t abandon the plan!

How is your plan coming?