After the flood

So, you have gone through the hard stage of getting things going (loads of action, very few results), and you moved into the flood stage of business (more and more and more results coming faster and faster). Last time we talked about managing the flood stage by both keeping the actions going in the background, and adding the appropriate management structures to maintain and stabilize the growth.

What’s next? Well, if you did a good job managing your growth, you could move into a very stable stage in your business. The flood stage isn’t stable – it a very dynamic. But if you can ride out the flood, you can move into a place of steady, predictable results.

Like the other stages the preceded this one, there are specific actions and behaviors that area essential here.

At this point, how to produce the result is very clear. Everything needed is present. The structure of the project’s fulfillment is fully understood, and when an expected result isn’t produced what’s been changed or overlooked is easily identified. The accountabilities are clear and the measures and statistics for the project are also clear.

The biggest pitfall to this stage is boredom. There is no drama, and for some, no excitement. Predictability can be boring when you are coming off the high of managing the flood of new business. If you don’t know that you must be responsible for the boredom, then you could easily find your results falling off or disappearing altogether.

The upside to having the results be so predictable, is if you want to increase your results, you know what actions to increase. There is no more mystery. At this stage – the outcome is more fully in your own hands than at any other stage.

Don’t let boredom rob you of your hard earned and well deserved success!

Because, really, without a life, what’s the point?