[Now What] What do you do when you encounter a road-block?

Dealing with Detours

Have you ever had a plan go exactly the way you set it up? Yes, neither have I.

But what do you do when your plan hits a bump? Do you throw up your hands and quit in frustration? Do you back up and try to muscle your way through the obstacle? Do you keep doing the same things you were doing before you hit that pothole?

Or, do you step back, assess the situation, and determine the most appropriate action to take in the circumstances?

Silly questions, probably. Most of us would like to think we would be the clear headed one who steps back and considers the changing options before jumping into action. But do we really do that?

Or, do we have a reaction – and jump right into something based on that reaction?

The main issue with reacting is we are NEVER reacting to what just happened. (Even when it looks like that is what we are doing.) We are reacting to whatever got triggered in us in the circumstances ~ usually something from our past. Think about that for a moment.

Something happens to slow you down or otherwise impede your progress. Rather than determining what you should do next, you react. And your reaction is based on something that happened before (not on what just happened). So you take action to deal with the current situation using this past based reaction.

So, you are not really dealing with NOW, you are dealing with THEN.

How is that going to help you move your current goal forward?

Somehow, I doubt the action is going to have a positive effect!

So ~ take a breath, assess the current situation, let the reaction subside and think! What should you do now? Once you have allowed yourself to get past the initial reaction, you will discover a whole flood of ideas you would have never had if you had just allowed yourself to act from the past.

What have you go to lose? Other than your reaction, I mean…

(c) 2011, Terry Monaghan

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