Do you know where your goals went?

It’s mid May – nearly half way through the year. How are you doing on getting your goals accomplished?

Are you ahead of schedule? Are you behind? Have you forgotten what they are? Or did you give up already? And how are you measuring or tracking your progress?

It’s funny how we think things need to move in a linear fashion – as if the fulfillment of our goals was always going to look like an upward sloping line on a graph – a nice angle always heading upward. But how often does that happen in real life? And is it even a valid line for us to use?

Isn’t it more like up and then down and then up and then up and then down and then flat – and then repeat all over? Or am I the only one who measures progress one step forward and two steps back? It’s hard to break the habit of thinking ‘it’s half way through the year, I should be half way to accomplishing the goal.’

But should you be that far really? What if instead you looked at your progress like compounding? Or use the example of doubling a penny each day for 30 days.

At the end of 15 days (halfway through the month) you have $163.84.

At day 20 you have $2,621.44, at day 25 you have $167,772.16, at day 29 you have $2,684,354.56.

And at day 30 you have $5,368,709.12.

So, half way through the month your total was $163.84 – or .0031% of your final total. Is that any reason to give up on achieving the goal? It is certainly hard to imagine that if you continue on taking the actions (doubling the penny) that you could possibly end up with $5.3 Million in just 15 more days.

Graphing this shows a little progress all along the way and then, all of a sudden, the line curves up very sharply (breakthrough).

Here’s the point. Don’t give up! Keep moving forward. Even the two steps back part of the the result gives you valuable information to apply going forward.

Which would you rather have? $163.84? Or $5,368,709.12?

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