Do you really have to do it yourself?

OK, I can’t tell how many times I hear an entrepreneur tell me that they can’t possibly delegate some task because “I just don’t have the time to show someone what needs to be done.”

Yes, sometimes delegating a task means taking a little time to tell or show someone what you want done. But you usually only have to tell or show someone what to do ONCE, versus doing the task yourself over and over and over. Which do you think takes more time, ultimately?

“I can do it faster/better myself.” Maybe that is true, but is it really the BEST use of your time? There are many tasks I have delegated, even when I knew I could do it faster or better myself. Ultimately, it came down to getting it done. And I found that if I told someone what I wanted done (rather than how to do it), they will get it done, and surprise me in the process. People are far more creative and capable than we sometimes give them credit for.

The upshot is – do you want the task done? Or do you want it done your way? What do you think you could get done if someone else was taking care of all of those other tasks that need to get done?