Create a weekly magic list

check listWho will you reach out to? What will you create?

If you are in sales (and if you own the business, you are in sales), you have to talk to people all the time.

Every day, every week, every month you have to pick up the phone and make calls.

You can complain about it as much as you like, but you still have to make those calls.

So, since complaining isn’t going to get rid of them, why not try something different?

Sit quietly at the beginning of the week and ask yourself who you want to talk to in the coming week.

Who do you need to call back? Who haven’t you checked in with lately? Who did you meet recently? Which of your clients have birthdays, anniversaries or other events coming up?

If you are using some form of Customer Relationship Management system, it may have some reports you can use to generate your list of people to call.

I’ve used this process for years. It’s astonishing what can happen. Just the routine of making the calls starts things moving.


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Now is a great time to delegate!

As tight as the economy is, and as scarce as new business can seem to be – now is a great time to delegate those tasks that take up your time and bring in no money!

Here is just one idea.

Since I practice what I preach – I recently boxed up the cards I have collected since my assistant went back to school, and sent them off to a fabulous virtual assistant. Very shortly I received back a spreadsheet with the data on 645 new contacts all entered and checked, ready for uploading to my customer relationship management software. That means 645 more business people I can easily be in regular communication with. That will bring in some bucks! And, quite frankly, my investment for 12 hours of the virtual assistant’s time was less than what I get paid for one hour with a client.

If you are regularly networking (and I bet you are), you probably have at least that many cards cluttering up your office. What good are they doing in stacks on your desk?