Confronting fear, embracing risk

I got to cross a big thing off my bucket list this week.

Falling out of a perfectly good plane, for no good reason – aka skydiving! I have had friends who love skydiving. I have even gone and been the cheering squad when they did that. And I often had the thought – that looks like fun. Of course, I also had the thought – they must be crazy, you couldn’t pay me to do that.

So, of course, it wound up on my bucket list. Then while planning the year of events with the Diva Development Committee of Success in the City – we came up with the idea of ‘confronting fear, embracing risk’ as a topic for a panel discussion. And one of our members said – wouldn’t it be cool to go skydiving as part of the event?

I never said I wasn’t crazy, so I immediately agreed to participate. Then, to make sure I wouldn’t back out, I registered, and then paid for it (knowing there were no refunds).

Well, after two false starts due to weather, we did it. AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!

We are all planning to do it again.

And now the huge goals I have set for myself in my business don’t seem quite as scary.