Stop doing everyone else’s job

At some point you will realize that there are certain tasks that you are really brilliant at – that are your uniqjugglingue gift to the world.

We are well served when you focus on doing that!

However, along the way, most of you will spend huge amounts of time attempting to do it all. This is such a waste of time!

One of the ways entrepreneurs create jobs is by recognizing that they cannot do it all by themselves, and they begin building teams around them. The more you can turn over tasks to a team, the more time you will have to leverage your own unique contribution.

Seriously – give up being superwoman/superman. I don’t care how well you keep your books, file your papers, or clean your house – if it doesn’t add revenue to your business, stop it.

Another way to look at this: would you pay someone your salary to do that? If no – for heaven’s sake – hire someone else to do it!

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