Schedule time to debrief

day plannerSchedule time to debrief

A client complained once that she was writing proposals at 10:30 at night, which violated her own rules for how she wanted to work.

I asked why she didn’t have time set aside to debrief (and maybe write proposals) after meetings with prospects.

It doesn’t have to be the very next block of time, immediately after the meeting – but it should be some time within the next few days, while all the information is still fresh.

And I recommend the same thing after attending conferences!

Give yourself scheduled time to put things into existence when you get back to your office.

This way that pile of contacts  you want to follow up with won’t get lost in the flood of new work.


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  1. Sue Painter says:

    I’ve started scheduling in “the day after” time to catch up from conferences, workshops, travel. Otherwise I feel like the things I travel to attend are largely a waste because there is no time to incorporate all the good ideas and follow up with people I’ve met. Good tip, Terry!

    • Terry says:

      I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t do that, and then found the stack of cards of people I really wanted to follow up with, buried under the piles of work that came after. Now, that debrief time is sacred!

  2. Mira Dessy says:

    I have always set aside time every Monday morning before my week gets started to review the prior week and to plan the week ahead. I find this helps me to stay on track and manage the flow of my week. Prior to doing this I used to feel like I was bouncing from day to day with no control. This sort of overview method keeps me on top of things and much more focused.

  3. Success usually lies in the follow up. Perfect litmus test to determine if you’re busy or productive.

  4. The follow-up and doing it in a timely manner is so key. And then yes, as you say – to schedule in the time

  5. This is a great idea to stay on top of new connections and new information. I have tried to set aside Mondays as that day for me – but sometimes other things creep into that time. This a good reminder to be more diligent in guarding that time so I can get these things done.

    • Terry says:

      Doreen, I certainly understand how other things creep in. But, if you don’t honor your time, no one else will!

  6. Lisa Manyon says:


    The debrief time is vital. Batching time also helps. I schedule my client calls on Tuesday and Thursday and allow time to focus and follow up right after each call. I found when I wasn’t doing this, too much time was wasted and I’d lose some momentum. Great advice for your client.

    Write on!~

    Lisa Manyon

  7. Mitch Tublin says:

    Finding the ways to work efficiently and productively are key.