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Media: Time Hacker Project (featured expert)

It’s not so easy working from home

Too busy doctor trains for an ultra marathon

From “I can’t” to “how can I”

Overworked non-profit goal – 4 day work week

Believe it’s possible!


evox Television (Prosper)

When is a task not a task?

Has your exercise equipment ever attacked you?

3 things you can do to get (back) on track

How do you manage interruptions?

Is your schedule working against you?

5 reasons to work less (and get more done)



Regular column: TimeMatters


Martha Stewart LIVING Magazine, May 2015

Martha Stewart LIVING

Dr. Oz THE GOOD LIFE Magazine, May 2015


SELF Magazine, January 2015

SELF cover







Redbook Magazine, March 2014

Redbook Article




, April 2014

I’ll Finish the Dishes When I’m Dead

The Washington Post, Sunday Business Section, August 2014

Escaping the Tyranny of Email: Death by 23,768 Digital Cuts



The Akia Garnett Show

eWomen Network interview


FTNS Radio interview

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iWatch Radio interview Click Power Hour 10/18/11


Washington Business Journal

2/26/10: Feeling overwhelmed? A little time triage may help

4/16/10: Seven simple steps help you to plan projects

7/9/10: Control your e-mail, don’t let it control you

11/12/10: Solid plans help keep you in the right direction

2/18/11: Genuine motivation is more psychology than science

6/17/11: Power down devices to power up your concentration

9/16/11: Filter your to-do list down to doable things

Leading Value Ezine: Value Ad – Overcoming Overwhelm (7/5/10)

Business Ventures (quarterly newsletter from Fairfax County Economic Development Authority)

Check out the latest article here

 Endeavor (newsletter for the Annandale, VA Chamber of Commerce)

Article is on page 15



September 2010, NBEA Keying In: Managing Digital Information Overload

January 17, 2010, WP Magazine: Got a Minute?

August 17, 2014, Washington Post, Business, Science and Technology: Escaping the Tyranny of Email: Death by 23,768 Digital Cuts



From Fearful to Fabulous Spring Sales Summit


Presentations and Workshops:

December 2009 – Women’s Network of Springfield

January 2010 – The Performance Institute

March 2010 – Women 2 Women

March 2010 – Intelligent Office

March 2010 – The Reston Chamber of Commerce

July 2010 – Tony Robbins Power Team

October 2010 – The Enterprising Moms

April 2012 – Alpha Delta Kappa Virginia State Conference

June 2012 – FACES Conference

October 2012 – Bean Kinney Korman

September 2013 – eWomen Network

September 2013 – NOVA Womens Network

October 2013 – 40+ Network

March 2014 – Burke Rotary Club

April 2014 – Lindsay Reishman Real Estate

May 2014 – Boost 2014 (

June 2014 – WPEO WBE to WBE Best Practices

June 2014 – Executive Women International

June 2014 – Inside Edge 2014

August 2014 – The RAND Corporation

November 2014 – Executive Women International (WDC Chapter)

January 2015 – Nonprofit Roundtable – Future Executive Directors

January 2015 – Interview with Brigid Schulte at The Tower Club

March 2015 – National Association of Women Business Owners (WDC Chapter)

March 2015 – Annandale Chamber of Commerce luncheon keynote

May 2015 – Private presentation at Real Estate Mastermind

June 2015 – Time Triage Workshop – It’s June! Do you know where your goals are?

July 2015 – Executive Roundtable: Managing Overwhelm in an Overwhelming Environment

July 2015 – X-Factor Panel at Inside Edge 2015

August 2015 – Workshop: Plans are Useless! What do you do when it all hits the fan?

October 2015 – Keynote, October Summit, Association of Legal Adminstrators (WDC Chapter)


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