Managing interruptions – phone and email

By default, we are getting interrupted at least once every 6-8 minutes all day long.

And, it takes 10-15 minutes to bringat desk your focus back to what you were doing when you were interrupted.

That math just doesn’t work. Think about it.

You will be interrupted, and you will most likely keep getting interrupted before you can get back to what you were doing (if you even remember what it was).

Do you really need to see that pop-up every time you get an incoming email? Do you really need to hear that beep every time something lands in your inbox.

Is that more important than what you are working on now?

Give yourself a break. Shut it off while you are trying to concentrate.

You will not be able to eliminate every interruption, but you can control some of them. Do that.

© Terry Monaghan, 2013 ~ All Rights Reserved

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