Hire someone to do your bookkeeping

bookkeepingPreparing for my taxes this year – and discovered that my financial records file was corrupted (and so was the backup). So, all the 2015 records are being rebuilt.

Luckily, I have all the source documents! So, it’s not taking too long, but still… Never again!

Most of us are just not good at this level of detail, nor do we have the time or patience for all the data entry. You will save yourself hours of time and frustration (and probably a lot of money) by having someone else do your bookkeeping. You will save tons of time at tax time, because everything will already be together and sorted appropriately.

Unless, of course, you really love to spend weeks and weeks trying to reconstruct your year in expenses to get your taxes done, or you really love doing detailed financial work late at night, after you finish your job.

I would rather turn all those receipts over to someone else to enter, and spend my time either generating more business or playing harder.