Give yourself time to think

time to thinkHave you ever found yourself running so hard and so fast through all the stuff that shows up on your desk that you wonder if you will EVER have time to just think?

Well, you won’t – at least not unless you schedule that time. And it should be a regular thing on your schedule.

Here’s a hint – you rarely think when you are sitting in front of a computer.

Get up, get out, go somewhere else.

Give your brain a chance to work!



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  1. Ann Bevans says:

    So true! Nothing beats staring at a blank wall.

    Here’s a tip from personal experience: waiting to get overwhelmed before you make time for this will short-circuit the process!

    • Terry says:

      It certainly WILL short circuit the process. I find if you wait to get overwhelmed first, you cannot think at all! And chasing those hamster-thoughts running around and around in your head is just exhausting!