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For years, I’ve been successfully consulting and coaching people around their performance and productivity in their lives and business only to learn that there is a direct correlation between those two and TIME!!! After all, both performance and productivity are a function of action, and action only happens in TIME. That’s why I’m thrilled to share a new program with that I’ve created just for you to help you dive deeper into transforming your schedule so that you are finally experiencing results, ease and accomplishment in ALL areas of your life.

Imagine what might be possible!

So, without further ado, I’d like to invite you to participate in the Time Triage™ Fundamentals For Extraordinary Performance 10-Week Series. You might be drawn to this program if:

  • Between email, phone calls, meetings, and interruptions, the only time you can find to focus on what you really need to do is after hours or on weekends, leaving you frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed.
  • You can see what there is for you to do to grow, but you have no idea how to fit that in to an already packed schedule.
  • You are working long hours, and suspect that even if you could work 24 hours a day you still wouldn’t get it all done.
  • You have no time to think or focus on the larger issues facing you.
  • You are buried in email, which is coming in faster and in greater quantity than you can possibly process, and you feel embarrassed about how long it takes you to return a phone call.
  • There is little to no sense of accomplishment with the results you produce, because there is always a much longer list of what is still awaiting your attention.
  • You feel like you are constantly running at full tilt, but you aren’t moving forward.
  • You can’t remember the last time you really took time off and relaxed.
  • Your family is craving your time and attention, and you feel guilty when you aren’t with them.
  • You feel trapped, cornered, you can’t breathe, and there’s nowhere to turn.

Naturally, these are just some of the issues that you may be experiencing, and serve as an example of how shifting one area can create breakthroughs in all others. The great news is that time is the common denominator and discovering your relationship with time will provide insight into to how to permanently transform each area – you just need someone to show you how!


Talent and hard work don’t always equal success. Many talented business people flounder, while only a handful truly succeed. What secrets do the successful know that allows them to profit from their talents? The answer is simple: Successful people have become masters of time.

This is not a typical time management course. While I will go into some tips and techniques, the course is more about discovering:

  • What’s driving your schedule
  • What you need in order to take back control
  • The underlying conversations that shape how your schedule is currently designed
  • The areas where you have surrendered control to other people or to circumstances or to some internal dialogue
  • Your goals, dreams, and what’s really important to you – what really matters
  • What your schedule really looks like (not what you think it should look like, or what you wish it was like)

Once we have identified what is in the way, you will begin to design your schedule from your goals and dreams, from what is really important to you. This designed schedule will include:

  • A powerful relationship with everything there is for you to handle.
  • Time to focus on what is really important and what will make a difference
  • A simple process to manage email, guaranteed to free up about 2 hours each day without letting anything fall through the cracks.
  • A process to get through your email inbox in a fraction of the time it takes now.
  • Scheduled time to disengage, and renew away from the office, and participate in what enlivens you – whether it be time with your family, a hobby, enjoying physical activities, or simply having fun, without concern for what you left behind.
  • Breathing room to focus on what you do want to create
  • Freedom from old habits and unhealthy patterns that once kept you stuck and so much more

This 10-Week Series will cover TONS of high-value, practical content (as you know is the case for any program that I offer), including such areas as:

  • What is Really Driving Your Schedule
  • Take Back Control – in All Areas
  • Six Steps to Take Control of Your Email
  • Planning 101 – Now What Do I Do?
  • Seven Secrets to Eliminating Overwhelm
  • The Million Dollar Mistake You (Probably) Are Making
  • Action Steps to Produce Results Within 24 Hours


I wanted to take a moment to share with you my gratitude for your service, as I can see the results will be lasting.

My calendar was the “800 pound gorilla” that I had been ignoring for too long. Reaching one additional prospect a week translates into an additional $100K in income over a year. Because of Time Triage, I’m now reaching an additional prospect each week.

~ Jon Berghoff, Global Empowerment Coaching

You were able to see the big picture of how my work and tasks fit together, identify the issues that were draining my productivity and distracting me. You worked with me to create a way to bring order out of randomness, and a more systematic way of managing my time.

~ Judy Bradt, Principal, Summit Insight

Our investment with Time Triage has returned 5-fold to our business. In just the first year of working with Terry, business increased 128% over the prior year! We’ve continued working together and have remarkable success. This year, we’ve surpassed last year’s sales by 1M in the first 8 months of the year. At the same time, I’m spending more time with family and friends. Terry helps me see the obvious, solve my own problems and implement a plan of action.

If you like to grow profitability, have a life worth living and ENJOY what you do, Time Triage is a “must have.”

~ Elizabeth Lucchesi, Realtor, McEnearney Associates


Time Triage™ Fundamentals For Extraordinary Performance 10-Week Series will include:

  • 10 hours of group training coaching calls (valued at $2500)
  • 5 hours of laser coaching Q&A calls (valued at $1250)
  • 2 – 30min private coaching calls with me (valued at $1000)
  • Interactive exercises, tools, templates and wisdom (priceless)

Next Bootcamp Begins July 24th

Calls will be every Wednesday from 7pm – 830pm (EST)

We will alternate between content one week and group coaching and laser Q&A the next.

When you take a look at the value, you can see that it’s worth more than $4750. Obviously, I am not going to charge you that amount. I’m actually going to offer it to you for far less! Your investment for this program is ONLY $1497

I am only opening this to a small group of highly-committed individuals who are really motivated to create breakthroughs in their performance and productivity, so you’ll definitely want to click below to reserve your space:

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Fundamentals For Extraordinary Performance

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4-Payment Plan

YES! Enroll me in the Time Triage™
Fundamentals For Extraordinary Performance

10-week Series with
 4 payments of $375


I attended this workshop and found it VERY helpful! I walked away with a detailed plan about how to be more productive/effective. As an example – my list of ‘what I wanted to accomplish in the next week’ actually was completed the next business day!

~ Amy Palmer

After hearing Terry speak at The Enterprising Moms, my top take away is that there’s only 90 minutes of true … productivity in your day. Juggling a very rapidly growing business and three young boys, I figured that if I was only going to do 90 minutes per day, darn it I was going to do it before the children got up so that I would be CERTAIN to get it done. In the last month, my productivity has skyrocketed and my revenue, new client bookings and closings certainly reflect that.

~ Jennifer Folsom, Director, Momentum Resources

I don’t have to start from scratch. Terry explores how I work, what works well, and then works with me to put structures in place that support the way I work. So it’s not about implementing a canned system, but building a system that works with my workflow.

~ Carolyn Smedo, The Enterprising Moms