Everyone needs a supervisor?

Apparently so. I am going to introduce you to my supervisors today.

There are two of them. Lucky me!

Chanel, aka Queen High Empress of the Universe and Boss of Everything

Chanel, aka Queen High Empress of the Universe and Boss of Everything

One actively supervises me – she believes that, left to my own devices, I will most likely goof off. She might be right!

This is Chanel – the big boss. Has a very no-nonsense attitude, and an imperious approach to life. Tail is always straight up. Only occasionally bothered by her son, Sebastian. Even given that most cats are very imperial, she takes it to a whole other level!

Sebastian, the other cat, just thinks that wherever I am is the best place to be.

A sweet prince, he is the security around the place. He has made it quite clear that he will lick any intruder to death. A real love bug. His favorite place to sit is on me. If he can’t do that, then he will figure out a way to snuggle up as close as he possibly can (read – mostly on me). And if I make even that impossible, he will be curled up at my feet. Very un-cat-like, but there you go. We all like to be adored.

Sebastian, taking a nap with Cthulu

Sebastian, taking a nap with Cthulhu

As you can see, Sebastian is a really fluffy guy.

Both cats are purebred Persian/Himalayan – and both have beautiful blue eyes. So, very thick fur, and very long fur, and I am always chasing dust kitties. Sebastian loves to be combed, and would bring me his comb if he could get his teeth around it. Chanel not so much – she lets me know she has claws and knows how to use them. So, brushing her is usually more like an ambush, and it can take a week or more for me to get to all her parts.

So there you go – my supervisors. They keep a sharp eye on me, and make sure I am not working too hard.