Time Triage Workshop

Time Triage™ Workshop


Turning what you ‘should’ be doing, into what is already done!

Or, how to double your productivity without doubling your time!

The workshop for people too busy to take a workshop…


We struggle without structure, but too much of it will kill us

Let’s face it. Most of us want the freedom to set our own hours, to conduct business and have quality time with and for our families and other interests. We want to be in control of our time. Those of us who are driven, type-A people may try to schedule ourselves very tightly – and then feel strangled, frustrated and overwhelmed. Those of us who are more creative will take a more free-flowing approach, and then worry about things being missed, overlooked or forgotten.

Red flags that you need to take your approach to your schedule seriously

  • You feel like you are constantly running at full tilt, but you aren’t moving forward.
  • You feel like you are just too busy to take any time to figure it out.
  • You procrastinate and miss opportunities because you aren’t sure how you will fit it all in.
  • You find yourself always putting out fires, and you are spending your days dealing with emergencies – never getting to the really important, interesting stuff you want to work on.
  • You are spending so much time on daily tasks you never seem to have the time or energy to focus on the dreams and goals you have for yourself and your business.
  • You are ignoring your need for rest and self-care, and you are also ignoring your most powerfully productive time.
  • You have hundreds (if not thousands) of emails in your inbox awaiting your attention, and you feel embarrassed about how long it takes you to return a phone call.
  • You feel stressed and overwhelmed most of the time, and worried about your results.

I’ve learned how to master how I use time, while ensuring time for a life and achieving great business results…

It’s the most valuable skill I ever learned! And now, I want to show you exactly how I did it…

This Workshop is designed from conversations I kept having with each and every private client. It is a fundamental, foundational conversation that evolved into a live workshop that has been offered many times in the past six years, to professionals and entrepreneurs at all levels.

This is not a typical time management course. While I will go into some tips and techniques, the course is more about discovering what is driving your schedule and what you need in order to take back control.

In the beginning of the program, we will discover those underlying conversations that shape how your schedule is currently designed.

You will go through some exercises that are designed to drive up areas where you have surrendered control to other people or to circumstances or to some internal dialogue. You will also be reconnected to your goals, dreams, and what’s really important to you – what really matters.

There will be an exercise taking you through what your schedule really looks like. In reality. Not what you think it should look like, or what you wish it was like.

In that process you will discover what is important to you, but what never seems to have a place in your real schedule.

Then, you will begin to design your schedule – taking into account what matters first.

You will be brainstorming actions you can take to move you from the way it really is now to the way you would like it to be. In the process, you will discover you can get there far faster than you imagined.

You will end up with a designed life, and clear actions to take you there… Can you even imagine what that will be like? What that makes possible?

What would you do with an additional four months?

Individuals have paid up to $2500 for this topic in private sessions. –

I am offering this home study version for $297. $147


When you order this home study program, you’ll receive:

  • Two CDs containing the complete Time Triage workshop audio recording
  • The Time Triage workshop workbook – 120 pages filled with exercises and plenty of room for notes
  • Plus, you get a complimentary subscription to my newsletter “Now What”, providing quick, easy to implement productivity tips and insights

My personal “10 hours a week gained” guarantee!

I am so confident in this program I’ve created that I’m willing to bet you’ll gain at least an extra 10 hours a week in your schedule by following my recommendations. And I guarantee you’ll see how you can do this even before the course is complete. But, if for any reason the course does not meet your expectations, I want to make sure you end up happy. If you let my team know by the end of the day that you are not delighted with the program, we will issue a complete refund. No reason needed. And that’s my promise!

Yes, Terry! I’m ready to learn how to re-design my schedule,
while staying sane and achieving maximum results!

With all this, I am ready to learn everything that Terry has to teach me about time management and productivity.

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