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CUP0071122Once you’ve reached a certain level of success it’s common to hit a plateau. This is the uncomfortable place where you feel a little stuck. Often even the most successful entrepreneurs, small business owners and high-level executives need outside perspective to uncover blind spots, gain clarity and get unstuck. Time Triage™ helps our clients get better results, make more money, leverage your time (it really is possible) and maintain sanity by putting systems in place to ensure peace of mind. The end result is an overall improved quality of life that supports your personal and business goals equally.

Better yet you’ll receive tangible and measurable outcomes so you know your strategy is working. Time Triage™ focuses on long term results not just quick fixes. Often you’ll hear our clients say “I am just so much more relaxed since our call. I am getting so much more done, and it’s easy.” That isn’t even the best part.

The best part is that beyond peace of mind, we deliver:

  • Customized plans and strategy tailored to your specific needs that include measurable outcomes
  • One-on-One access to Terry Monaghan (you won’t be passed off to a junior associate)
  • Access to the Time Triage™ million dollar database of resources to help leverage your time and talents

All of these resources help you get the results you’re looking for. A great example of this is the work we did with the LizLuke Team.

Elizabeth Lucchesi partnered with us to during a recession and became more profitable despite the economy.

She was overworked and knew something needed to change. Specifically she wanted to spend more time focusing on high-value activities including spending time with her family. Based on her specific needs we created a custom Time Triage™ plan of action.

As a result Liz is working less and getting more done. She’s increased her staff from one assistant to four full-time team members.

Better yet she brought in her most recent year at over $50 million dollars in real estate transactions and has more than doubled production since working with us.

This is just one example of the specific and measurable results Time Triage™ delivers.

It’s possible for you to experience the results you desire in your business. Time Triage™ can conduct ½ day accelerated consulting sessions, VIP days, workshops and more. The best way to determine your next steps is to reserve your Breakthrough Session

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Specific Solutions for Entrepreneurs:

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