Does your schedule work?

Some comments I have been hearing recently are “I never get through my list” or “there aren’t enough hours in the day” or “if I only had more time.”

There always seems to be far too much to do – when looked at in relation to the hours in the day. And when viewed that way – there really IS far more than can be done in that amount of time – usually. There is everything you need to get done at work, plus everything you are responsible for at home, what needs to happen with the kids, and with this committee and that organization, and let’s not forget the things we should be doing for ourselves (but we do tend to forget those).

There is a reason why there are personal conceirge services starting up every week! These services are made up of people who will do anything from running your errands, to preparing meals, to handling your paperwork. And there are thousands of virtual assistants out there to assist you with paperwork, research, travel planning, scheduling – almost anything you can think of.

What are the benefits of having someone else take over some of your to do’s? You get more hours in the day to use for what is imporant to you.

If your schedule is crammed full you might consider looking at what you could give away…