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Individual Solutions to Eliminate Business Challenges And Give You More Freedom, Productivity and Results

Time Triage™ takes pride in delivering individual solutions to provide collective gain. This is true for entrepreneurs and corporate leaders alike. We assess your specific situation and determine what solution is best for you. Our strategic offerings include results oriented one-on-one consulting (in person or by phone/Skype), VIP Intensives on Time Triage™ for individuals and teams, planning, eMail management, Operations Manual Development, overall strategy, retreats, small group intensives and large group workshops. Time Triage is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals by defining a clear strategy, creating a schedule that takes all of life into account, developing a detailed plan to get there, clearly defining processes to ensure your goals are met, building a trusted team to support you and making the space to make the magic happen.

The best place to start is with a Breakthrough Session and from there we’ll develop your individual strategy. Following are some frequently asked questions along with results our clients have achieved when working with Time Triage™.

Q: I’m already highly successful but I seem to be getting into my own way. There has to be something I can do differently but I cannot see it. Can Time Triage™ help?

A: Absolutely! This is more common than many would like to admit and having an outside perspective can reveal solutions you are not able to see yourself. Time Triage™ is dedicated to helping you gain clarity about what might be holding you back and what needs to change. Once we’ve identified roadblocks we create a results oriented strategy designed specifically for you and your unique business challenges. An example of this follows.

“I was feeling overwhelmed and beaten down by life. So much so, that when a time use researcher told me I had 30 hours of leisure a week, my mouth dropped open in utter disbelief.

I felt like I was running faster and faster on a gerbil wheel going nowhere. I didn’t feel like I was doing anything particularly well – neither at work nor at home, juggling a demanding job, two kids and a house, a husband, family living across the country and trying to be a part of my neighborhood and community. More, I had a nagging feeling that I was somehow missing my life even while I was living it.

Terry taught me how routines and setting boundaries around time, instead of being constricting, can actually be liberating, because the brain is freed from having to decide what to do all the time, it becomes more creative in the zones you set up for creative thinking and working. I’ve learned about the power of rest and rejuvenation, of not running myself into the ground and then wondering why I felt stuck. And the biggest help? I was paralyzed by fear and procrastination about actually writing my book.  The Time Triage™ techniques that Terry taught me are simple and effective. Using a timer to work in increments truly empowered me to do what I was most afraid of for 30 minutes at a time. Then take a break. Nothing seems so terrible in 30 minute increments. And now, the book manuscript is taking shape.”

– Brigid Schulte, Washington Post Staff Writer

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Q: How do I know Time Triage™ is the right solution for me?

A: Honestly, our clients say it best. One of the biggest challenges high-level achievers have is streamlining processes to eliminate overwhelm and increase results (this includes productivity and profitability).

“Working with Time Triage™ shifted the way I approach my workspace. We created systems that allow me to stay organized and efficient with my time and I can see the results will be lasting.  I wanted to take a moment to share with you my gratitude for your service, as I can see the results will be lasting.

My office space is reorganized with efficiency in mind. I’m sure other “highly productive” individuals like me often rationalize their ability to manage with a less than efficient work space, but it had been eating at me from the inside, and I couldn’t take it anymore. The irony is that I teach my clients to be careful of replacing preparation with confidence (a common trait in high achievers), and here I had been replacing preparation, organization, and an effective workspace with my confidence.

In addition to my awareness and productivity increasing, the time we spent going over my calendar was the “800 Pound Gorilla” that I had been ignoring for too long.  For me, the value in reaching one additional prospect a week translates into an additional $100K in income over a year. In the past 3 weeks, I have averaged reaching an additional prospect per week, solely from the awareness that you created with my time.”

– Jon Berghoff, Global Empowerment Coaching

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Q: How can you support working moms who are feeling the challenge of new motherhood and “doing it all”?

A: This is a common feeling for executives and entrepreneurs when they first enter into motherhood and juggling responsibilities. We help you remain calm, create a plan and streamline your systems so you are able to manage all of your responsibilities with ease.

Here’s another example of how Time Triage™ techniques help. We worked with Lori K. Murphy or Bean, Kinney & Korman Attorneys and she shared three specific results.

  • I have a reputation now for being in control of my schedule. Very in control of my schedule.
  • Before working with you, I was overwhelmed and daunted by the task of fitting in a full time career, new motherhood, and marketing obligations.  Then, I learned how to control my schedule to accomplish what I wanted.
  • A significant improvement in my daily life, thanks to you, is that my colleagues respect my schedule and my assistant and I work very well together with each of us understanding how to better help the other perform her job. “

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Q: I know I need to delegate or I don’t have time to train somebody and I also feel like nobody can do the tasks as efficiently as I can. Can Time Triage™ help me? 

A: Yes, this is common and we can streamline, reorganize and train your team to be more efficient and profitable.  This is one of the specialties of Time Triage™.

We begin by clarifying all the processes – the HOW you want things done and the WHAT is the end result. This gives us a foundation from which we can begin to delegate those tasks. You will be freed up to focus on the most highly leveraged actions in your business, confident that the rest of it is being handled as well (or even better) than you would do it.

Here’s what Jennifer Bright, Executive Director of the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology had to say after working with Time Triage™:

“When I contacted Terry, I was struggling with managing my time and getting the best out of a staff support person who wasn’t really the right fit for me, or for the organization.

Terry was a breath of fresh air – direct, positive, and focused on strategies to break bad habits and define good ones. Just what was needed!

I’m still using Terry’s triage methods to manage my time and schedule, master many simultaneous projects, find opportunities for effective delegation and spend more time on strategic directions for the society.

Every day is a challenge, but Terry’s insights and methods help me keep forward momentum and also protect time for my personal and professional development.

Along the way, she also helped me find a stellar executive assistant and for the first time in 15+ years of management, I can focus on what I do best while knowing that an able colleague has my back!”

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Q: How can I reduce overtime and why does it seem out of control?

A: Following an initial needs assessment to identify the source of the breakdowns, Time Triage™ offers a variety of solutions for you including individual and team sessions and workshops on planning, process redesign, email management and time management.

Too often people are working in a certain way because “that’s the way it’s always been done here.” It is very difficult in the throes of the day to day business to take a step back and really examine HOW something is being done.

Time Triage™ takes pride in delivering you measurable and tangible results. An example of this is illustrated in our work with Reston Limo. We evaluated corporate productivity department by department. In the accounting department alone we were able to customize reports to eliminate 10 hours of overtime, minimize errors, alleviate stress and reduce payroll by 25% while doubling the capacity to perform.

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Q: I don’t understand why I’m not getting what I want from my team and why everyone seems to be burnt out. Is this common and can you help fix it?

A: Team dynamics are vital to the success of your business and career. Time Triage™ can help clarify the roles and responsibilities in such a way that team members see that their own unique concerns are fulfilled within the accomplishment of the larger team and organization goal.

This results in greater employee engagement, improved productivity and performance, and a higher quality of life at all levels.

For example, working with Amy Fishman of the NonProfit Roundtable of Washington DC in a private workshop for her and her team, we were able to reexamine exactly where and why their time was overloaded and how the methods they were using to fulfill on some of their objectives were getting in the way of the results.

Implementing just a few of the suggestions resulted in a dramatic shift in morale as well as results. In fact, once the chaos of overwhelm was eliminated, they were able to document the need for an additional staff position, which they immediately set out to fill.

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