Build a favorite items list

online orderingBuild a favorite items list at your online office supply site, and use it

Most of us are creatures of habit. We always buy the same things.

The same paper, the same pens, the same ink, the same toner, the same calendars, the same cards.

You get the point.

Full disclosure – office supply stores are some of my favorite places to wander around. I think it is the way some women feel about shoe shopping. However, I can spend a long time wandering, and I usually don’t have time for that – especially if I am going to the store because I have run out of something I need right away! (Yes, even I sometimes run out of stuff.)

So, I do most of my ordering of supplies online.

Every single site I use has a feature that lets you build your list of favorite items. Which makes reordering stuff very quick and easy.

I don’t want to search the website for the specific paper I prefer every time I go to the website!

I want to get on, place my order, pay for it, and get off!


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