101 things you can do (or stop doing) to give yourself more time [part two]

by Terry Monaghan on July 4, 2012

Are you still feeling overwhelmed?

Are you ready for a breakthrough in productivity?

Still wondering how to get things done?

Did you like the first 25 time saving tips? Well, hang on to your hat – here are the next 25 …

  1. Open snail mail once a week
  2. Put junk mail into recycling immediately
  3. Do your grocery shopping online
  4. Keep ONE calendar (you have ONE life)
  5. Keep a notebook handy for dumping your mind
  6. Keep a notebook handy for notes during the day
  7. Remember to schedule preparation time for meetings or conferences
  8. Remember to schedule debrief time for meetings or conferences
  9. Regularly give yourself time to think
  10. Delegate as much as you can
  11. Getting from place to place takes time, plan for it
  12. Use an e-reader – you can read while you are waiting for something else
  13. Plan your meals
  14. Do all (or most) of your meal prep and cooking once a week
  15. Do regular computer backups
  16. Have a clear process for handling your email
  17. Debrief your day
  18. Don’t let other people’s emergencies distract you
  19. Take care of yourself first
  20. Review the next day’s agenda at the end of the day
  21. Keep your keys / glasses / sunglasses / purse / briefcase in one consistent place
  22. Get very clear about your strategy – what is the point of what you are doing?
  23. Set up your work space to work!
  24. Build your life support team
  25. Be sure to set aside time for your family

I’d love to hear what YOUR best tips are!

(c) Terry Monaghan, 2012, All Rights Reserved

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  1. suepainter says:

    Hi Terry, I like most of these except opening snail mail once a week. The lead time on bills is so short now that if I did that I would have late payments occurring on utility bills. I don’t like getting ebills from many of these places as they don’t give you a full look at your bill unless it is a paper copy. Otherwise, great tips!

    • I hear you Sue! Another tip was to set up regular bills for automatic payments. Even opening snail mail once a week, I’ve never missed a deadline. I do my bills in batches, and review them regularly as well. Most companies give you a longer time to dispute a charge (even if it is already paid) than the window for payment.

  2. Lisa Manyon says:


    I love the tips! It’s always good to revisit the things we SHOULD be doing. 🙂

    Write on!~


  3. kiylafenell says:

    LOVE THESE!! Thank you for sharing your gifts. 🙂


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