101 things you can do (or stop doing) to give yourself more time [part 3]

by Terry Monaghan, on July 23, 2012

How is it going? Have you enjoyed the first 50 tips? Did any of them surprise you? Are you still feeling overwhelmed?

All of the tips have been tried out in the field, and they really do produce a breakthrough in productivity.

Well, hang on – here are 25 more! Try some of them – I promise they will help you with getting things done!

(Remember, you can send me tips you haven’t seen yet. What are your favorites?)

  1. Do something you love to do
  2. Hire someone to do your taxes (save you time AND money)
  3. Find a dry cleaner who will pick up and deliver
  4. Use a personal shopper
  5. Get a personal assistant
  6. The post office will pick up your packages!
  7. Get your regular household items delivered
  8. Order office supplies online
  9. Try meeting by phone or Skype or videoconference vs. in person
  10. Get your groceries delivered
  11. Block out time to focus
  12. Have your assistant monitor your email
  13. Use as much technology as you are comfortable with
  14. Hire someone to run your errands
  15. Hire someone to clear your house
  16. Hire someone to do your laundry
  17. Give up your to-do list
  18. If it isn’t scheduled in time, it isn’t happening!
  19. Schedule regular activities for the same day/time each week
  20. Create a weekly magic list – who will you reach out to? What will you create?
  21. One hour a day marketing (every single day) will have a HUGE impact
  22. Set aside a regular time for follow up
  23. Schedule a regular date night with your spouse/significant other (or social time if you are single)
  24. Do something that scares you
  25. Take time to laugh!

More to come…

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