Try meeting by video conference

video conferenceTry meeting by phone or Skype or video conference vs. in person

A client was nearly tearing her hair out during a private scheduling workshop for her team.

The problem was (she said) she had several different contractors/consultants she was managing and when she needed to meet with them, she was driving all over the area, spending huge chunks of time in traffic rather than working.

Even if she stacked those meetings on one day, she would still spend nearly half of the day driving from one place to the other.

I looked at her and asked why she wasn’t using one of the video conferencing tools available for those face to face meetings. (You know that moment when you realize someone else just had a light bulb go off? This was one of those moments, and her expression was too funny for words.)

I know she needed to actually meet with them in person occasionally, but for the bulk of the other meetings, video conference would work just fine.

And it would give her back that half day, not to mention eliminate the stress of the traffic.



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