Time for follow up

follow upSet aside a regular time for follow up

You’ve met all these great people – in person at events, online through social media, or via email introductions from others.

You know you have to follow up with them, and it had better be quickly!

But you are too busy right now – your schedule is just packed.

So, you set those cards aside telling yourself you will follow up ‘soon’ – just as soon as you finish this one thing.

Then days go by, or weeks or months, and you find the card/email again and kick yourself for not following up before now.

And now it is too late.

What if you just had one appointment a week in your calendar marked for follow up activities? And what if, during that one appointment a week which has been scheduled, you made your follow up calls, wrote your notes, etc.? 

I promise you, scheduling one hour (or even just 30 minutes) in your calendar on a regular basis will save you tons of time – and will probably add to your bottom line!


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