What do you do with a snow day?

You have made your plans, set up your calendar, set your sights on the goal, and you are ready to GO!

Then, it snows, your kids get sick, you get sick, there’s an accident tying up traffic on the highway, the dog eats your report and the computer dies.

What do you do?

Do you react? Or, do you respond?

Well, it might depend on how thorough your planning has been. Did you take the time to brainstorm all the possible courses of action? Did you look at what the most likely road blocks could be? Have you thought through how you are going to deal with the breakdown that will always happen?

Or, did you map out your route and set off on your way without thinking about any kind of disaster planning?

If the former – then most likely you will have already figured out your response to the weather, traffic, ill health, or any other breakdown you can think of. And you will be confidently moving along the alternate route – correcting and adjusting as you go.

If the latter – you are going to react! And your first reaction is going to be that this is just wrong! This shouldn’t have happened! Your plans are in shambles! YIKES! You might even come to a full stop.

Kids will get sick, pipes will burst, team members will drop the ball, you will get stuck in traffic. Taking a little time and thinking about what could take your plans off course will pay off in the long run.

Life happens! What’s your plan b (c, d, or e)?

Because, really, without a life, what’s the point?