Use a lawyer

gavelHave a lawyer review your contracts

You get what you pay for. We’ve all heard that, right?

But how often have you told yourself “I can’t afford that right now”, and besides, I trust that person, I’m sure there isn’t anything in the contract I am going to sign that could cause trouble…

It’s a really good idea (really, really good idea) to have an attorney draw up your contracts – the ones you ask other people to sign.

And it is also a really, really good idea to have an attorney review any contract you are about to sign.

Terms of contracts are written to protect the person presenting the contract.

And, did you know, you can ask to modify terms?

Well, you won’t get the chance if you don’t read the contract!

And since I know you are busy, you may as well have someone who knows what to look for read it for you!

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