Dealing with a flood

Last week, I talked about how much sheer effort was required to get something started. But there comes a point after you have spent a lot of time just taking the actions (over and over and over) and grinding out the results, where the results begin to come faster and faster and faster.

At this point, if you don’t begin to adjust your activity to the changing state of the project, you could find yourself swept away by the flood. Or left high and dry on the beach, gasping for breath.

What do I mean? Haven’t you ever had the experience where you were just ‘nose to the grindstone’ for so long and all of a sudden things started to move, and move quickly? Only things are happening faster and bigger than you had anticipated?

What do you do? Do you desperately try to bring it back under control? Or do you have a boat handy and the tools to ride the wave?

The flood of results brings its own host of required tasks and activities. Did you think ahead to plan for that? Do you have the capacity to handle it? Or will your current structures pull the growth back, and force it to shrink to a more manageable size?

If you want to sustain the growth, you will want to look for points of leverage (rather than trying to do everything). What actions will make the most difference? You will also need to be vigilant about your discipline. Why? Because it is too easy to think that something is now handled, and take your eye off the actions that initiated the result.

Maintain the discipline of keeping those actions going, while at the same time implementing the appropriate management for the growth.

Don’t let yourself drown in your success – cultivate the mindset to always be looking ahead and assembling the proper tools for where you want to end up.

Kowabunga! Enjoy the ride.

Because, really, without a life, what’s the point?