Stop Pushing Email to Your Phone

It used to be that only doctors or emergency responders were set up with pagers that they needed to respond to immediately. And for doctors, that was only when they were on call.

What happened?

When did we all get so important that we needed to be on call 24 smart phonehours a day, 365 days a year?

Your email inbox is a perfectly organized collection of everyone else’s agenda. (See tip #1.) When did you decide that was more important than working on your own goals?

I get it – there are some people you need to respond to with alacrity, and some situations that require your immediate attention. But that most likely only accounts for about 20% at most of what is coming in.

If you are going to use email on your smart phone, at least set it up to be pulled into the inbox at your convenience, rather than having each and every message pushed through as it happens.

That way, you can skim what has come in to determine if anything is urgent at your convenience.

You can also use tools like AwayFind to have specific people or topics pushed through.

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