Signs of Spring… are you ready?

Have you ever noticed how each season brings its own unique set of actions and activities? And the change of the seasons often means we pack up or put away what we needed in the previous season and take out what we will need for the next? It doesn’t happen all at once, but it does happen. And many of us have transitional actions that allow us to shift rather smoothly from one to the other.

I don’t think work is any different! There is one set of actions and activities that are appropriate at the beginning of a project, and another way of working once it has gained some momentum.

Getting something started usually takes a massive amount of action – relative to the results produced. Once it gains some momentum, it will take less action to produce more results, faster. However, if you don’t modify the actions to be more appropriate to the stage of the project – you run the risk of inadvertently sabotaging all your progress!

Personally, the getting it started phase is the toughest for me. But only because it makes me crazy to take action after action after action and see little or no results in return. That is really hard work, in my book. Understanding the nature of that phase has kept me from giving up two calls shy of the goal!

I have heard it said that it can take ‘100 No’s to get to the Yes’.

So, I get through that phase by making it a game to count the No’s – and having absolute confidence that the tide will turn, eventually. Interestingly, I haven’t made it to 100 No’s yet, and have produced great results. And every single time I tackle bringing something new into existence I still think it should happen faster!

And then, once it does start to pay off, it brings work in a flood – which has its own set of challenges.

More about handling that flood stage next week…

Because, really, without a life, what’s the point?


  1. Lisa Manyon says:


    Yes, the signs of spring are everywhere and I’m in a frenzied spring cleaning mode which I know will bring on tons of new biz.

    You are so right about the need for action to get anything.

    I’m excited for spring, new biz and to read more of your blog posts.

    It was also fantastic to meet you in person.

    Write on!~


    • ofyl says:

      Thanks Lisa! Great to get to meet you as well. Now, as to spring cleaning – that is this weekend’s task. Clearing space for more business. Yay!

  2. Sue Painter says:

    Right now I am getting through all the “no’s” and to the “yes” of a different exercise program. I sure know the drag you are talking about. But once action gets going, it does have momentum….I’m COUNTING on that!
    Sue Painter

  3. Grace Heer says:

    Counting the no’s – brilliant! It’s so great to hear I’m not alone. Feels like Dory in Finding Nemo: just keep swimming just keep swimming…
    Thank you!

    • ofyl says:

      Grace – I wrote this as much to remind myself about counting the no’s I get. Yes, we have to be a lot like Dory – just keep swimming…

  4. Phil Dyer says:

    Terry – I think I see a great interactive exercise or contest in this! What a cool idea of turning the “no’s” we all hear in business around…thanks so much for sharing!


  5. Hi Terry,
    I really feel what you mean when you say getting started is the most difficult phase. I’m grateful for some of the MPC retreat tools we learned that will help. Yes, the giving up two calls shy of success reminds me of the ‘Acres of Diamonds’ story. Thanks for letting us know we are not alone in the ‘no’ counting business!
    Lynn Moore

    • ofyl says:

      Thanks Lynn. It is always helpful to know we aren’t the only ones going through these stages, isn’t it?

  6. Mitch Tublin says:

    Taking action. Kind of like are you really serious or just playing. You will definitely want to consider taking this article to a whole new level. If not, thank you for letting us read your insights.

    • ofyl says:

      Mitch, I think one of the ways to measure whether we are really serious or just playing is paying attention to how much action we will take, and will we continue to take action at the beginning even when we have nothing to show for it. Any way, this is the beginning of a series of articles about the stages any new project/idea/etc goes through. Stay tuned! And I always welcome your input.

  7. Jenny Fenig says:

    I wholeheartedly agree about having to go through Nos to get to the Yeses. In my former life as a conference producer, it was my job to recruit speakers to give presentations at my events. I invited HUNDREDS of speakers to get 75 to say yes. Let’s just say, I had to wade through plenty of Nos to get those Yeses … and do a lot of follow-up along the way. I like to call it walking the fine line between persistence and annoyance.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  8. Anita says:

    Hello Terri,

    Thanks for the reminder that the actions are the steps to the results we are desiring. Sometimes I find myself wanting to just leap to the prize, however I’ve learned that the day-to- day actions will lead me me quicker than anything to my goals.

    I also relate so much to the SHIFT!


    • ofyl says:


      Yes, I often want to jump that chasm as well. And yet, one step after another helps immensely.


  9. I can so relate to this. I am very good at starting projects but sometimes without a clear picture of how to do it. I like the part about all the NOs and few YESes. It’s important to remember to keep us on our paths. Thank you for sharing!

  10. spring always makes me feel like cleaning out the old and making space for the new.
    I’m ready to get started!
    Thanks for the nudge to put my organization in motion

    • ofyl says:

      Clearing space for what’s next is always a great activity. I found that as soon as I have clear space, more always shows up.