One hour a day

time for marketingOne hour a day marketing (every single day) will have a HUGE impact on your results.

If you really want to eliminate that feast or famine cycle – take this on!

You know what I am talking about: You have NO business in the pipeline, so you throw yourself into marketing like a crazy person.

Guess what? You generate business! Yay!

But, now you are just too busy to keep up with the marketing. After all, you have all this work to get done!

Then you finish that work, and you have NO business in the pipeline and the cycle starts all over again.

Let’s face it – business development is the #1 job we have.

What can you put in place to make sure that you are taking action to keep your pipeline filled every single day?

My personal favorite: Make 3-5 calls every morning to former clients, colleagues, prospects.

Leave messages if you have to, but make the calls.

How about creating a steady flow of business? Or, even so much business that you have to grow and expand?



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